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The Artivism Project

The Artivism Project (TAP), formerly known as The Institute for Social Justice in the Arts, is a collective of faculty and staff originating from TCNJ School of Arts and Communication that aims to: 

the Artivism project logo
Graphic by Alaster Winter ’22
  • Raise awareness about social justice issues through creative practice, pedagogy, and curriculum
  • Engage our community in dialogue about social justice issues through aesthetic experience
  • Cultivate partnerships that advocate for human rights and environmental justice through the arts
  • Use the arts to help amplify marginalized, invisible, and silenced voices in our communities 



Project Overview: Because what’s taken matters

image of rain with overlay: there's an umbrella by the door not for yesterday, but for the weather that's here
The Artivism Project’s current work is a year-long endeavor
that will use a poem by Claudia Rankine entitled “Weather” (recently published in The New York Times) as the catalyst
for a variety of interdisciplinary, creative, arts and
humanities collaborations.
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Project Collaborations

zoom gallery of musicians
The Artivism Project’s (TAP) interdisciplinary collaborations include lectures, art exhibitions, music performances, curricular materials, and other creative experiences that focus on a particular work of art (e.g. a poem, image, or piece of music) that addresses a social justice issue.
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Past Projects

Katrina Ballads
Springs Eternal

Do You Want to Collaborate?

If engaging with these themes in your courses, scholarly activity, or outside partnerships is of interest to you, please complete this Google form.


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