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Brown Bag Series: “The Evolution of Television: Broadcasting, Cable, and New Media” presented by Jane Hanson – October 13, 2017

jane hanson speaking on stageOur fourth Brown Bag lecture, featuring Emmy Award-winning television journalist and communication coach Jane Hanson, highlighted the importance of storytelling. Early in her presentation, Ms. Hanson expressed her belief, “Everything we do in life is about a story.” Throughout her career, she has learned the art of crafting and conveying stories, not only through what she says and how she says it, but how her body language keeps everything in sync. These three key components form the platform of her method in coaching communication. Ms. Hanson provided students with essential communication advice, including how to avoid bad vocal habits and how to remain calm while speaking to a crowd. In addition, she recalled the tragedies and triumphs she covered in her career as a news anchor, from being the first NBC reporter on air during the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, to interviewing social rights activist Desmond Tutu the very moment he won his Nobel Peace Prize. Ms. Hanson accepted questions from an enthusiastic student audience and offered one crucial piece of wisdom to keep in mind while communicating: focus on your purpose. Keeping your purpose in mind, she shared, is the key to success in any form of communication.


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