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TCNJ Professor Gary Woodward Creates Blog Focusing on Communication in the Digital Age

Professor Gary C. Woodward
Professor Gary C. Woodward

Dr. Gary Woodward is a Professor, rhetorician, and former Chairperson of the Department of Communication Studies at The College of New Jersey. He has degrees in communication and rhetorical theory from California State University at Sacramento and the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D. 1972), and regularly teaches courses in Persuasion Theory, Argumentation, and Philosophy of Communication.

Woodward recently completed a semester-long sabbatical in which he was able to create a new blog focusing on communication in the digital age. From his blog, he writes:

“Physicists describe superconductivity as the point at which metals essentially let electric current pass through unimpeded. At cold temperatures electrons move with ease through even the densest material. The transfer of energy is nearly total. There is almost no resistance.

The challenge for us is likewise to find ways around the reticence of others that keeps us from being fully engaged.  We live in a challenging time when our words must be heard over a nearly constant din.  What counts as eloquence in the the digital age? And are there communication forms or dispositions well suited to our times? This site is dedicated to these questions.”

To read more and stay up to date with Dr. Woodward, please visit his website. 


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