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Freshman Music Major Performs in Ecuador

TCNJ Piano performance major, freshman Cristina Villagomez, had the opportunity to perform at the House of the Culture or “La Casa de la Cultura” in Ambato, Ecuador over the winter break. House of the Culture is a prestigious public institution with legal personality in accordance with the Law on Culture in the city of Ambato. As a contribution to art and culture, professional writers, musicians, and painters present their work in this institution. Cristina, originally from Ambato, was invited to perform by representatives of the House.

She played her latest music repertoire for an audience of over 50 people that included musicians, writers, teachers, painters, lawyers, parents, and children. She was in good company; well-known Ecuadorian writer Oswaldo Paez Barrera presented his recent literary work as well. VIP community members in attendance were Germán Calvache Alarcón the president of La Casa de la Cultura, Jaime Alban, an art representative, and Galo Chavez, board member.

Cristina was able to take the opportunity to explain to her audience about TCNJ and the composers of the pieces that she played. She said, “even though it was a formal event, I considered important to inform the public the substantial musical ideas of each piece. I had a small space of time where I could educate the people about my repertoire and the valuable learning about Western Music at TCNJ with Dr. Kanamaru.”

Ecuadorian newspaper “El Heraldo” published pictures and information about the concert and the College.



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