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TCNJ offers new sports communication course 

Students interested in sports communication, can now take the new course, COM 370 Topics in Communication: SPORTS COM – DIGITAL MEDIA. The course aims to explore the intersection between digital/social media and every aspect of sports business including marketing, communication, public relations and sales. 

Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies Susan Ryan, said that although the course is being offered for the first time, she knew it would be popular among students interested in pursuing careers in sports communication and media. 

The course is being taught by adjunct professor Caleb Mezzy. Mezzy brings to the college prior agency experience, working for a 160over90 where he was able to work with larger brands in college athletics, professional sports, and higher education. He recently founded FoKused Sports, an educational program that aims to guide student athletes at every stage of their career. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management from Temple University; a master’s degree in Sport and Entertainment Management from Neumann University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management from Drexel University. 

Mezzy believes career paths in sports communication are endless. In a world where social media is so highly utilized by businesses all over the world, a career in sports communication and digital media can expand options spanning from college athletics to professional sports to sports agencies to nonprofit organizations. 

“It is my hope that I am able to take the momentum from this course and develop other courses or even a concentration in sport communication/digital in sport at TCNJ,” Mezzy said.

This course will allow students to use what they already know about social media and apply it to professional settings. They will also gain an understanding of the relationship between digital media, business and the sports industry. Students will run creative campaigns for businesses and develop branding portfolios to expand their professional experiences. 

Guest speakers Tom McCarthy, broadcaster for the Phillies and his son Pat McCarthy, broadcaster for the Mets recently visited the class to share their experiences in the field and to offer advice to students. Both Tom and Pat are TCNJ alumni and expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their time at the college. Mezzy highlighted how persistent and resilient they both have been throughout their respective careers and how humble the two were in speaking of their successes.

“They are acutely aware that their job is cool and something many people would love to have, even for a day,” Mezzy said.  

Matthew Post, a junior communication studies major currently enrolled in the course, is one of many students interested in breaking into the sports media field. Post described the course as incredibly relevant and believes it should be a permanent addition to the Communication department. He praised the two guest speakers, calling it an “absolute dream.”

“I loved their stories and loved their advice,” Post said. “I could not stop raving about the two of them after class.”

Leah Cruz ’26



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