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Fall 2017 Brown Bag Series “Incorporating Technology in the Artist Studio” – presented by Marchelo Vera and Eddie Villanueva

two men posing on stageToday’s Brown Bag Series lecture, presented by TCNJ’s own Marchelo Vera and Eddie Villanueva, highlighted the importance of collaboration, global mindsets, and a persistent willingness to learn in today’s technology-driven world. In their lecture, “Incorporating Technology in the Artist Studio,” Professor Vera and Professor Villanueva both emphasized interdisciplinary study and mixed-media artwork, and how they incorporate this into their own art. Professor Vera, a printmaking professor, suggested creating something by hand and then reimagining it through technology to produce a hybrid work of graphic design and fine art. Professor Villanueva opened his talk with a video of Andy Warhol using a computer to create a painting of Debbie Harry in the mid-80s, pointing out that artists are always eager to embrace new technology and incorporate it into their work. Both of our presenters advised students to keep their minds open to new ways of creating, explaining that they themselves are constantly gaining new information and are always open to learning new skills, methods, and technological processes to improve their art.


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