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Schools of Arts and Communication Alum Jenna Bush to Showcase Work on NJDocs

On Monday, July 2, 2012 at 10pm, New Jersey filmmaker Jenna A. Bush will sit down with John Servidio and NJDocs to discuss her film, Minor Details . Minor Details is the story of U.S soldier John Henderson returning home from a 15-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. The film focuses on Henderson’s readjustment to civilian life, his experiences of war, and his hope for the future – both for himself and the country where he was deployed.

An expose of the film and the film itself is set to air on NJDocs on July 2nd at 10pm. Until then, you can view the trailer at its Vimeo site [ ] Minor Details is sure to be an excellent and powerful addition to NJDocs’ plan to bring its audience a new student-driven film on the first Monday of every month. After the broadcast, you can view filmmaker Jenna A. Bush’s interview at the NJDocs website [ ] To find NJTV in your area, visit their website https//

Minor Details was accepted to screen at the 8th Annual 2010 Garden State Film Festival, where it won the Homegrown Student Documentary Short Award. In addition, Minor Details was accepted to screen at the 2011 Manalapan Independent Film Festival.

Minor Details (2009) is Jenna A. Bush’s first experience as Director for a short film. Since then, Jenna A. Bush has expanded her impressive resume to such roles as director, director of photography, and editor for various short films, documentary features, music videos, and web commercials. She is also known for her work as writer/director of the award-winning, narrative short films The Ground Keeper (2010) and Apollonia (2011). A complete list of Jenna A. Bush’s work can be viewed at JAB Film’s website [

As listed on her website, Jenna A. Bush’s goal is “to create films and videos that showcase the human experience and human spirit, to connect people through art, and in doing so, capture the very essence of what life is all about.” Jenna A. Bush continues to live up to this mission statement through her choice of film projects and its subjects. A complete viewing of Jenna A. Bush’s films can be found at .

To contact Jenna A. Bush or JAB films, email Jenna Bush at or find Jenna A. Bush on Linked-In. JAB Films is also on Facebook and Twitter.


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