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Nick Licitra ’16

“I wondered how marketers could use music to amplify the amount of people that they grab, that they expose to their content.”

Folake Ayiloge ’16

“Education doesn’t stop in the classroom. Make sure you join clubs that are relevant to your interests! And befriend your professors!”

Klara Blazek ’16

“I really loved it in Vienna. It’s such a beautiful city and there’s so much history.”

Kerrin McLaughlin ’16

“I didn’t know that design and programming could be a career, it’s just something where in 4th grade I started making my own websites and stuff.”

Perry Goldman ’16

“I really feel at home in this major where it’s all about outcome-based learning and creative problem solving.”

Mariagrazia Buttitta ’16

“For me, honestly, a major achievement was being accepted into TCNJ and into the Department of Communication Studies.”

Niveda Harishankar ’16

“To me, IMM means building awesome things. I have built programs, animations, interfaces and experiences.”

Sarah Ratner ’17

“London was amazing. I studied at The University of Westminster in the fall of 2014. That city has become a second home to me.”

Tiffany Yu ’17

“I have a deep passion for music, and I think that minoring in music is a perfect fit for me.”